Client Files

you can follow the instructions as below:
Internet Explorer 6 is the last version that allows to access FTP server directly. If is enough to specify the ftp://hostname in the Address bar, fill the Username and password fields to get connected and start uploading/downloading files. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Access My Server Via FTP? for the information. Recent versions of Internet Explorer open a new Windows Explorer/File Explorer page and prompt for the user login again. Here is the example of how it looks like with Internet Explorer 10:

1. Open Internet Explorer, and specify ftp://hostname in the Address bar : Immigration, Divorce & More

2. Fill in the User name and Password fields with the FTP user credentials : Immigration, Divorce & More

3. Internet Explorer shows the FTP server root directory content and instructions on how to connect to the FTP server via Windows Explorer/File Explorer : Immigration, Divorce & More

4. Press (not hold) the Alt key on the keyboard, then click on View > Open FTP site in File Explorer : Immigration, Divorce & More

5. Once new File Explorer window is open you should specify your FTP user credentials once again : Immigration, Divorce & More

6. Windows Explorer/File Explorer shows the FTP server content, now you can manage it : Immigration, Divorce & More